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Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Pallet wrapping machine with scale to check the weight of the pallet loads


Equipment Performance: Automatic Weighing-type Wrapping Machine is designed for those who want to know the weight of the packaging in a timely design of a wrapping machine, which uses a packaging operation is very simple, work efficiency Very high, symmetric heavy-duty wrapping machines also have a low failure rate during the packaging process. Moreover, the automatic measurement of the weight of the goods and the gross weight of the package are extremely accurate. It is also possible to select whether or not the function can be automatically printed according to the situation. The appearance of the package is also very beautiful, and the degree of automatic packaging used is also high.

The object of use of the equipment: Automatic Weighing-type Wrapping Machine is mainly used for container transportation of bulk cargoes and packaging of spare parts trays. It is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemicals, food, etc. Beverages, building materials and other industries.

Automatic weighing type wrapping machine related parameters:
Wrapping size: (500-1200)mm×(500-1200)mm(L×W)
Packing height (max): L type: 2000mm H type: 2400mm
Packing efficiency: 20-40 Torr/hour Turntable speed: 6-12rpm Speed adjustable, slow start and stop Rotating table diameter: 1650mm
Turntable height: 2000mm
Turntable weight (max): 1500kg
Weighing System: KELI system: Pre-stretched Membrane Frame, Pre-Stretch up to 250%, Automatic Membrane Feed, Variable Frequency Modulation Lifting Uprights: Double Chains Structure, variable frequency adjustable speed control system: PLC control, winding layers, adjustable number of times, automatic resettable turntable, automatic sensing of high packing materials: LLDPE stretch film, thickness (T) 17-35um, width (W )500mm
Total weight (max): 750kg
Dimensions: 2545mm×1650mm×(2460-2860)mm
Power/Voltage: Turntable 0.75kw, Membrane Holder 0.25kw, Post 0.37kw/220V AC

In the long-term development process of Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment, although production packaging machines have always been the mainstay, Dyehome began to research and produce fully automatic weighing and wrapping packaging machines in order to allow the development of enterprises. 

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